that sounds really great
jack-of-all-trades body
entertainer actor acrobatics quick
change artist transformationist
slapsticker situation comedy
cheeky naughty humor comedy
versatility wizard poetry
capriole rousing voice
comedian acrobat rogue funnyman
perfectionist prankster
turbulent heart-warming man
mime king of burlesk

booking & contact

Joy Burger
Mobile 0179 5236610


Both my repertoire on different roles as well as my talent to tailor a program for a special event according to the situation, allow for a performance on small or large occasions. Companies that want to celebrate a jubilee with customers, employees and suppliers are as much a part of my usual program as cultural events, city and club festivals and gastronomic events. Are you planning a private anniversary? Here as well I arrange your desired program in consultation with you. Dinnershows on a ship for example, mess events, TV, circus ... There is no place where I cannot play my imagination and my skills. I am looking forward to your inquiry.


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